Coworking, Membership + Rates


Member rates are based on monthly use intention past 30 days. 'Trying out' we recommend a Non Member 10 Day Pass to use within 60 days.

$99 - Social Monthly Access Member. (See Plans)

$129 - Virtual Monthly Access Member with a business address.

$250 - Hot Seat monthly. (See Plans)

$400 - Dedicated Desk monthly (See Plans)

$350 - PER TEAM MEMBER MONTHLY of each Small Team (2-4 people) in a dedicated area. (Inquire Within)

Conference Room Hours by half hour ($20), by hour ($30), by 2 hour ($50) and can be booked online ahead of time.

Event hosting cost discounts as a member. $200 for just space. $300 with staff.

(+) Member Plus Add on Plan is available to EACH MEMBER Plan only and costs $50 per month more, with additional perks, access, and discounts. For social plan only it's $30 add on.


Non member rates are based on a daily, weekly, 10 Day Pass, or 1 Monthly Use rate intention only. We also offer a 3 Month Flex Pass at a discount to monthly rate. These can be seats or desks based upon current availability. Savings based on daily and weekly rates compared to monthly and 3 month options.

Conference Meeting Room Rentals By: 

Half Hour ($30), by Hour ($50), by 2 Hours ($85), by Half Day 4 Hours ($150), and for a Full Day ($275) Interviews, Small Training, etc.

Non Member Access Plans + Rates:

$35 - One Daily Seat Guest Pass M-F 9-6

$150 - Weekly M-F Seat Pass 9-6pm

$250 - 10 Day Hot Seat 9-6pm M-F 

$350 - Monthly Hot Seat 9-6pm M-F

$400 - Monthly Hot Seat 24/7

$500 - Monthly NM Ded Desk 9-6pm

$550 - Monthly NM Ded Desk 27/4

$1450 - 3-Month Flex NM Ded Desk 24/7 (Save $200)

$900 - 3-Month Flex NM Seat 24/7 (Save $300)

*NM = Non Member

Coworking is when individuals and businesses work together in a mix of open space, semi private space, and potentially closed space with the goal of helping their business and other businesses grow. Cowork spaces that thrive have a vibe and culture to them, not just desks for rent. 'Co' as in together or with, and 'working' as in working toward growth of both you and others, as one workspace.

Coworking is for Entrepreneurs. Solopreneurs. All types of Service Providers. Individual Business Professionals. Small Teams. Freelancers. Maybe you?  Company Reps Managing a Territory. Designers. Developers. Marketers. Non-Profits. Someone with an idea. A new startup. Online businesses that need wifi constantly. Students building something or who want to study and collaborate too.

The person who seeks to get out of cabin fever full or part time. 

Those who value a mixed work environment away from the mundane. 

Those who like coffee and other amenities in one space. 

Those who like networking and growing their business by meeting others. . 

Those who need a space or mailing address to conduct/establish a business. 

Those who screen share or teleconference and want to do it in a professional environment. Those who are entertaining outside guests occasionally. 

Those who have 1 other person they work with and don’t want to work at home with them. Those who host things or need extra space at times for events/meetups or meetings. 

Those who want to be around innovative, motivated people.

Those who travel and need a home base that is not home.

1. Increased Productivity with tools to help.
3. Generate New Business.             
4. Increased Well Being
5. Diversity of Skillsets.
6. Cost Efficient.
7. Flexibility.
8. Usually in a vibey location.

Yes. You get 3. We like free stuff and do what we can! It has something to do with growing and java … 😉

No, you do not have to be a member. Being a coworking member however will save you money and add some perks in. Your job or role may dictate being part time so that is entirely up to you. If you would like to pay daily or monthly non-member rates, you of course can; also if you are unsure and want to test it out, no pressure, by all means cowork away as you wish!

Yes. See Member Rate vs. Non Member Rates top question comparitive.

More Perspective:   If you know you aren’t going anywhere and wish to be a pre-paying member up front you can do so and save as you go.  This is still a 30-Day Member Agreement. We do however offer you options for less if you pre-pay 3-6-12 months ahead as a member this first year as we launch. This is a first come first serve only option and can change based on space availability at any time. This is never binding past the prepaid number of months and is always a 30 Day out based on NJ state law. There is no contract but the agreement serves as your notice of the rate, terms, and guidelines to conduct yourself and your business accordingly within professional Garden Guideline co working standards like in any work environment.

There are 44 seats available first come first serve. You can go here now to see open availability.

A hot seat is for someone who does not need a desk or dedicated area. They are flexible, can be in any of the designated areas of the space, and hot seaters like the amenities with the ability to sit anywhere. Hot seats can also require conference room access so that can be scheduled as needed.

Yes. It is less in cost because you are flexible in where you sit along with your frequency in the space. For 1 member hot seat per month costs $250. Plus plan add on is $50.  SEE MEMBER RATE vs. NON MEMBER RATE QUESTION for more comparitive specifics.

If you are a dedicated desk, yes you can bring a series of things that meet garden/space guidelines, work productivity tools, space allocation, and fire code, (no lava lamps). Your area or location in the space could dictate what you personally can bring in or not, so please check first with us.  *If there is a health/medical reason, we are glad to accommodate further to save or help you be better suited for those needs the best we can. Please inquire within here to specify to your need and we will help you provided we know before you are already allocated a place in the cowork space to work.

Yes. With one conversation we can accommodate many requests, but not all. As long as they fit within garden guidelines for design and available space (being paid for), we can work with any member/client. For more info, you can go here.

Standard is a 30-Day Member Agreement term for all. There is an additional discount for a longer term up front pre-paid option if you know you aren’t going anywhere.  You can inquire here about that if you know you aren’t going anywhere.  For us, we will offer a discount because it helps us layout the space when getting started or growing it out.

No. Your member agreement is NOT a lease or rent you sign as a contract. You sign a 30-Day Member Agreement that shows you recognize the terms, guidelines, and etiquette of working in-the-space as a member only but that is surrounded by other businesses. Your commitment as a member is 30 days unless you wish to pre-pay and save more upfront but still as a member only.

Yes. We can invoice monthly with your company simply through our online payment tool.

Rates are calculated by a series of factors such as community cost of living, going square footage rates, CAM, offering of amenities, upfront customizations, access frequency, daily needs of a coworker, level of privacy needed, and other addons that may be needed. A total capacity is looked at with overhead costs, and going rates to get a value-added cost structure we have put together for you based on your needs, needs of a small team, and daily foot traffic needs. 

Our plus (+) plan is dedicated to someone who wants 24-7 access plus a few other value added perks. Things like the flexibility to upgrade or move spots as an opportunity presents itself. Plus plans have first right over regular membership plans.

2-4 usually, BUT We can accommodate a larger number then our 2-4 range early on now if you submit a request. This is first come first serve while we are growing based on date/time submitted. Once we establish it will be capped at 2-4 people based on availability/job role.

The difference between having a meeting guest just for a meeting or a ‘working full day guest’ is 120 minutes or less.  If over 120 minutes (2 hours) that is a daily guest pass at the appropriate rate based on member status, member plan, and/or guest status coming in. If it’s under 2 hours and *does not involve conference room access past 1 hour use, it is considered a perk free meeting and part of the amenity of the member plan to which the guest came in under (*member and guest must be together and present in the space at the time of meeting). Each conference room time has to be booked in blocks of 30 or 60 minutes so if it goes over an hour with a meeting guest, it must be in the system given other members could have times booked already.

Someone from the outside pays $35 a day (competitive industry rate) as a non-member. 

A non-member referred guest by an active member is $30 for a full day (9-6pm).  

A monthly co work member referred guest daily working pass is $20 for a full day.

A Co-Founding Member Guest Pass is $10 for a full day.  

These special rates need to be put into the system to get the amount discounted and booking ahead to guarantee availability. 

*Venmo or PayPal between each other is very common so you the member can just pay ahead in our booking system that you are already a member of with the name of the daily pass guest you are having (if over 120 min in the space); then settle out when you both conclude to ensure prompt booking. 

**No refunds are given for no shows because the space was taken up ahead when someone else may have needed it but could not book it. We always look to help you out the next time on something else. We got your back; but our software is the naysayer. Maybe a fresh salad for you?1? 🙂

It is a 1x only first location of members who not only join, but support the early growth of the business as an Upstart Garden Co-Founding Garden Member by prepaying upfront now a 6-month seat, desk, or private space ahead of time so we can continue to outfit and grow the space faster. This will come with certain perks, discounts, branding, and VIP forever with Upstart

Garden as they grow through NJ and beyond. 

Commonly Asked Industry Questions

Upstart Garden currently is a community and business consultancy with a co working space offering coming soon. We are a developing incubator around the businesses we work with currently. Next we will be launching a Future of Work platform geared toward Gen Z with hosted bootcamps on weekends and through a North American online platform.

A business incubator is a company that helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as specific training, mentorship, resource allocation, office space, all with experts available for monthly office hours to consult with in various sectors. Incubators are usually focused on supporting the ideation and innovation efforts of the startup. They support the development of the MVP, and build out the business model and company.  They provide growth programs at the correct pace for the startup company. This is where the focus on the business mentorship and growth programs are vital to help the early stage business receive the direction and mentorship they need. This is usually over a gestation period of 18-24 months. THE NBIA defines business incubators as a catalyst tool for either regional or national economic development. These startup businesses who participate are early stage or pre-revenue and are seeking growth, relationships, and innovative resources to get to the next phase of their business. 

A Business Accelerator is a program that gives developing companies access to mentors, investors, and other support that help them become stable, self-sufficient businesses. Less developed companies or true startups that are not ready for an accelerator would instead use a business incubator for support. Accelerators focus on scaling and growing a startup fast, hence the term.  Design, Branding, and Strategic Advice are typical components of accelerator programs. This is usually provided through mentorship and educational program which will culminate in a pitch event. Another major component of the program is the preparation of the startup for funding. Accelerators always attempt to do in a few months what would normally take the startup 2 years. Accelerators typically put a time frame of 12-20 weeks and are for profit organizations. They will provide some seed funding to the startup with a 3-10% equity stake in the startup depending on the startup program.  Put another way think of accelerators as equity factories, trying to increase output value. Other terms are seed accelerators and startup accelerators that get in at any stage from idea to growth stage. They primarily source startups, increase their values, and look to sell with a premium the shares they gained early on.

Based on the fact they both need or require some sort of collaboration based office space, this environment can be a fit or not a fit, directly related to the layouts and availability of space in the specific co work location.

No. Many spaces will also cater to non-tech businesses as well, like we do. Consumer Products, Self Development People, Trade specialists, service providers, Designers, Non-profits, and more.  Tech enabling businesses today is key to help them stay focused on the future of innovation and what they need to help their business grow now. Enabling their business to use apps, widgets, plugins, software, automation, AI, and other solutions are key to growth ahead for them.  Tech Enabling, remember that term because innovation sits alongside that for businesses today as well as in the future.

Yes, they can in certain instances. It is popular in Silicon Valley, New York, and other places across the world to have Tech Incubators or Tech Accelerators that all ‘cowork’ together in a specific space. That can be where the owner entity is investing as a venture capital firm or private angel group within. This can vary the culture, vibe of the particular program, and overall who the space attracts. 

One is Maker Spaces.  There are a series of industries and verticals non tech related. One popular term is called a ‘maker space’ in that they focus on making things by hand, by machine, or by automation in a dedicated collaborative industry focused environment. They can incubate or accelerate as well with investors who help them grow within their industry. It’s not just about business while many will think it is.  These maker spaces in many cases have little to do with tech platforms but may use or enable technology of course to make their product bigger, faster, lighter, better, healthier, safer, innovative, or different. 

Yes, they are a cowork collaborative environment that is more trade specific to what they are making. A maker space is just that, a space that makes things. They make things like crafts, food, wood products, format steel, creating food inspirations or testing mixes, agricultural testing lab, the creative arts, and more.

Incubators usually do not unless time/mentorship hours translate into work and work translates into equity or a strategic partnership that provides the business with a faster to market growth .  In many cases accelerators, when funding is provided, will take some kind of equity 3-10%.  

Based on the stage of the business, it’s needs, and the investors/angels/VC’s investment portfolio/strategy there are a serious of instruments to finance.  Debt instruments like Convertible notes or SAFE’s. Also straight equity against current valuation/future valuation with a series of terms that come with. Some are more strategic and will loan out capital with a payback on royalty if they have a strategic introduction they are 

You can ask us first in a 1 hour consultation session that may save you hundreds of hours of waste and thousands of dollars ahead.  That is first. Second, when considering an incubator vs. an accelerator for your businesses consider the following factors as a starting point:  Objective and Focus, Duration, Structure, Program Needed, Funding, Selection, Community, Relocation, Facilities, Mentoring/Networking, Program Conclusion. We break these all out with you and let you know if you are a fit or not. If not, where you can go. If you are, we move forward together.


Yes. There are options for businesses to pay more or less upfront based on their needs. Fees, royalaties, and equity varies in each specific partnership opportunity.

Not yet. Part of our garden fund coming up will be to help those businesses we work with grow directly via seed capital.